Bapu’s Unique 13-point programme


Under the guidance of P P Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, several seva projects are implemented as part of the 13 point programme.

Social work, charitable activities, conservation, interfaith thinking and scientific attitude blend seemlessly in this unique programme announced by P.P.Bapu on October 3,2002.

1. Charkha:

Yarn spun by volunteers is made into cloth to be distributed among needy students and their families.

Thousands of followers of Parampoojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu spin the Amber charkhas for making thread. The hanks produced from threads are collected and converted into cloth

School uniforms of various sizes are stitched from this cloth after proper processing and are distributed, free of cost, among the students in order to motivate and encourage them to attend school. Till date 59,085 sets of uniform have been distributed to 24544 students, More than 1,43,000 meters of cloth has been prepared under the Charkha Project upto March 2008.

Presently, a total of 3871 Charkhas are in operation. ‘Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation’ also conducts special camps at its affiliated centers throughout the year in which devotees run the “Amber charkha” and the thread so spun is used for making cloth, from which uniforms are stitched for the underprivileged students.

2. Gograss Yojana:

Grass grown by volunteers in areas where water is available year round, is collected and sent to famine-stricken areas as fodder for cattle.

All of us have to grow this grass. We do not need large pieces of land for that. We have grown it in our chawls and flats.

Under this scheme, people in urban areas, where water is available in abundance, grow “grass” in their houses and in open spaces. It is possible to have a yield of sugarcane, wheat,rice and maize between 3 to 4 times a year.

The grass so collected is sent to farmers in the drought stricken areas to feed their cattle. Till date truckloads of grass have been distributed through our Pune centre in Purander taluka.

3. Raddi Yojana:

Old paper collected from people is converted into paper bags to use instead of non-biodegradable plastic. Paper pulp is used to make articles for distribution to needy students as incentive to go to school.
Devotees of P. P. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, instead of selling old/used newspapers/magazines/notebooks as scrap, donate the same to the Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation.

These are then converted into such useful articles, as paper bags. Further, paper pulp made out of this paper is used to make articles such as Word chart, toys and alphabetical blocks, which are distributed to poor students as an incentive for them to attend school.

4. Old is Gold Yojana:

Old utensils, clothing, books, toys etc, will be collected for distribution to needy students.

The organization collects used (but not torn) clothes, old utensils, old text books, and blank pages of note books (to convert them in new note books) and old toys (non battery operated) and many more. These articles are properly serviced and then distributed to the families of poor students, in order to encourage them to send their children to school.

The clothes and utensils so collected are also distributed amongst the people affected by natural calamities and disasters. The distribution is done in different needy areas all over Maharashtra. Thus far, around 7,84,000 pieces of different types of clothes and around 3,00,000 utensils, have been distributed to more than 2,00,000 needy people.

In addition, approximately 55,000 students from 182 schools have been given different articles, including clothing, for their use. Clothes & Utensils were also distributed in flood affected areas across Maharashtra and in Mumbai during the unprecedented and devastating fl oods of 26th July 2005.

5. Warmth of Love Yojana:

Torn cloth is used to make quilts for the poor.

Torn clothes or pieces of cloth are collected by the devotees and converted into quilts, which are then gifted to needy workers, students, women and old persons. The volunteers, both men and women are imparted training on how to make quilts. So far 2148 pieces of quilts have been prepared and distributed to needy people.

6. Vidya Prakash Yojana:

Under this program, candles and matchboxes donated by devotees are distributed to poor students in rural areas, where there is no supply of electricity, thus enabling them to study in candlelight.
7. Cleanliness Yojana:

Cleaning up of public schools, hospitals and places of worship is undertaken by volunteers.

Cleanliness & Hygiene Wing of the Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak has been organising “Re-immersion of Ganesh Idols” for the past 4 years.

As a part of this drive the volunteers of Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak and Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation also collect and clean the beaches of flowers and garlands, which are offered to Lord Ganesh, plastic bags and such other waste on the sea beds.

The idols which come out on the shore are again re-immersed into deep sea using boats. The garlands, flowers and other waste is handed over to the Municipality for disposal.

Cleanliness drives are also undertaken on a regular basis at municipal schools, at public places of worship and at an organization for mentally retarded children in Mankhurd, an eastern suburb of Mumbai.

8. Ahilya Sangh Yojana:

Will work towards the empowerment of women.

Ahilya is the personification of the misery of the Indian woman; caught between the injustice of society and that of her husband. The Ahilya Sangh has been formed for suitably equipping women with the requisite strength to counter any exploitation and to face any adversity with fortitude.
All the Indian martial arts needed for the self defence of women have been taught to a select batch of 15 volunteers ‘free of cost’. These fully trained volunteers are now, in turn, training subsequent batches, each comprising of 80 volunteers.

Besides, all women who have been wronged, or are facing a crisis situation in their lives, receive support from the “Ahilya Sangh”.Women, who suffer because of the addiction of their husbands, also receive help from Ahilya Sangh.

Till date, more than 800 ladies have been trained under Ahilya Sangh Project. The Ahilya Sangh also undertakes tree plantation projects across Maharashtra. Till date, thousands of trees have been planted across Maharashtra. The Sangh also takes care of the planted trees.

9. Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj :

To free society of unnecessary ritual and blind faith which are wrongly followed in the society.

10. Information Bank:

Every Thursday, before his discourse, P.P Bapu will impart information which will update devotees on new scientific discoveries.

11. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangram:

To inculcate a sense of brotherhood among Indians, volunteers will learn at least one language other than their mother tongue.

12. Study of the Five Continents:

Progress and politics of the five continents will be studied.

13. Disaster Management Volunteers:

An Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management will train volunteers to tackle natural and man-made disasters.

Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management launched their official website on Thursday September 24th, 2009. Pls visit:

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