Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM)

Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM) is a charitable organization with the prime objective as “Disaster Management”. It is the culmination of Parampoojya Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu’s divine foresight and vision that has given concrete shape to the idea of of having an academy of disaster management.
  • This Academy imparts basic training on disaster management to the citizens of the country. The training consists of theory and practical coverage of concepts of Disaster Management and how to cope with disasters, both natural and man-made. Various other projects undertaken by AADM for welfare and well-being of the society are as follows:
  • Basic Training Course  :
  • This basic training course is a one week course which imparts basic disaster management training. This one week course consists of training in rescue techniques, CPCR (Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation), Fire-fighting etc. In addition to this study and response to natural disasters such as earthquake, floods, cyclones, famines and man-made disasters such as bomb-blasts, riots and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare is also included.

    After the completion of this 1 week course the trainees (also called Disaster Management Volunteers) become confident enough to deal with disasters and in case of major disasters these volunteers can help the authorities conveniently.

  • AADM – Advanced Training Course :
  • The basic aim of of this course is to save one life’s first in order to be able to save other people’s lives.

  • Natural & Man-made Disasters  :
Mumbai has been witness to several bomb-blasts and terror activities. DMVs have aided participated and aided police and authorities in the rescue. Some examples are the 11 July 2006 blast in suburban trains as also the blasts in Ghatkopar and Mumbai Central.
  • Crowd Conrtrol during festivals :
  • Festivals such as Ganesh immersion, Mahalxmi, Mandhardevi invites huge crowd of devotees from all across the country and it is only natural that the police and other authorities require as much assistance as possible. DMV’s trained through AADM have participated in such “crowd control” activities in thousands helped in regulating and controlling crowds. The dedication and participation in these activities has been applauded and recognised by the Police, BMC and various others.
    Regular services of the DMVs of AADM are invited during occasions like:· Annual Festival of Jyotiba
    · Kumbh Mela
    · Mandhardevi Yatra and Fair
    · At Shree Siddhivinayak Temple (Prabhadevi, Mumbai) on Sankashta Chaturthi
    · At Mahalakshmi Temple (Mahalakshmi, Mumbai) on Navaratri
    · Annual Mount Mary Fair at Mount Mary Church (Bandra, Mumbai)
    · Idol immersion during Ganesh Chaturthi festival (DMVs are posted on 22 different immersion spots in Navi Mumbai, on request of the fire brigade, to control and regulate huge crowd gatherings.)

    The rescue operations by the DMVs at the huge stampede (where nearly 250 people lost their lives) during the annual festival fair at Mandardevi (Satara) in 2005, was appreciated even by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

  • Vermiculture  :
Vermicluture is considered as the most effective and environment friendly fertilizers. Almost all waste can be converted to vermicompost very easily and at a household level. Through this project, thousands of citizens across this country have started Vermiculture at their residence and it is being run successfully. To date almost 15 tonnes of vermicompost has been distributed to needy farmers, absolutely free of cost. The major advantage of this is that household waste and garvage can be easily converted into a very effective fertilizer.

Following is the list of places where the AADM has conducted Vermiculture Training sessions.
· Naval Dockyard (Colaba)
· Central Railway Workshop (Matunga)
· FDC ltd. (Jogeshwari)
· Maharashtra State Bank
· DIL ltd. (Thane)
· Bhavans College (Andheri)
· IES School (Marol)
· Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya
· Thane Mahanagar Palika School, etc.

  • Ganesh Re-Immersion  :

Lord Ganesh idols are usually made of Plaster of Paris, which does not dissolve in water easliy. The day after immersion on beaches, these idols are forced back to the shores by the flowing water. This is not a pleasant sight to watch. The volunteers undertake the re-immersion of these idols in deeper water with the help of boats.

  • Training for the police force at Nandurbar :
    AADM conducted a workshop on 10th February 2008 for the police force on the invitation of the superintendent of police-Nandurbar. The workshop was attended by superintendent, the deputy superintendent, 38 other officers and 150 police personnel. The topics were covered in the workshop like:
    · Meaning and implications of a Disaster
    · First –aid
    · Cardio-pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (CPCR)
    · Transportation of casualties
    · Applying bandages and tying knots, etc.
    Pleased with the comprehensive workshop, the superintendent of police requested that AADM conduct a similar training course for the entire police force in the region and the workshops were conducted accordingly.
  • Selfless Service on the path of Bhakti : Today, AADM is the preferred choice of all NGO’s to provide competent support to the core emergency services during a disaster emergency to carry out relief measures (AADM – Response) and also during festivals and public events due to their efficiency in managing huge masses (AADM – Mitigation).

The strength of AADM is its commitment to the cause and to fellow beings, its strength is its conviction and its faith – its spirit.
AADM – a trained, responsible and compassionate response.

To know more about recent activities  plz visit AADM’s official website ..

    In order to make it convenient and easy for the aspirants who want to undertake the basic course in Disaster Management, Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management or AADM a premier non-government organization would be holding 7 days certificate course in Disaster Management at its Central Office on monthly basis from now on.
    The courses would be held in the first week of every month at the Central Office AADM .
    Every course would be meant to accommodate 20 applicants who would be selected on first come first served basis. The course duration would of one week starting from Monday till Saturday, in the evenings from 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs IST and on Sunday from 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs IST, Sunday being the final examination day. The course will have a weekly holiday on Thursday.
    The course would cover basic disaster management topics from academic and practical perspective viz., First-Aid, Fire Fighting, Bandages, Casualty Lifting Methods, CPCR (Cardio-Pulmonary & Cerebral Resuscitation), Search & Rescue, Crowd Control, Communication & Co-ordination, Leadership, Situation Reaction, Nuclear-Chemical-Biological Warfare, Psychological Counseling, Animal Attack Cases, etc.
    Aspiring candidates can register their names personally by visiting the Central Office of AADM between 1100 hrs to 1800 hrs IST, on the address mentioned above.
    Candidates can also register their names by calling Central Office of AADM on +91 22 2430 1010 or +91 22 2430 2424.

     For more information aspirants or information seekers can get in touch with the Central Office of AADM on the above-mentioned address or contact numbers.
    AADM  Central  Office :
    3, Krushna Niwas,
    Sakharam Keer Road,
    Near Shiv Sena Bhavan,
    Mahim, Mumbai – 400 016.

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