Safala Ekadashi Program at Pune….

              Safala Ekadashi, also spelt as Saphala Ekadasi, is observed on Paush Krishna Paksha Ekadasi day as per North Indian calendars. Safala Ekadashi 2009 date is December 12. This Ekadasi falls on Krishna Paksha Ekadasi of Margashira month as per Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada and Telugu calendars. Saphala Ekadashi vrat helps devotees to attain success in every aspect of life. Literally, ‘Safala’ means success.

The importance of Safala Ekadashi was explained to Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna and is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana. A famous story associated with Safala Ekadasi narrates how a prince who used to oppose Lord Vishnu got cured from a serious ailment after observing Saphala Ekadasi fasting.
Pune upasane center, coardially invites everyone for the 13th Safala Ekadashi program schduled on Saturday 12th December 2009 from 8am to 8pm. The program will begin with agamanam of Shree Vishnu Paad Pashan and Shree Sai Sadashiv Murti . It will be followed by P.P. Sadguru Bapu’s Paduka Pujan. This is the 13th year of Safala Ekadashi program at Pune.
Expereince the day with P.P. Bapu’s blessings.
IMD Colony, Sankrutik Bhavan,
Near NCL Pashan Road, Pune-4110008.
For any kind of information, kindly call on the following numbers:
Pune Karyalayin Office: 020-25513801
Cell: 9767898701/2/ 3/6
E-Mail: punecccc@yahoo.

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