Chant Hanuman Chalisa 108 times

Starting June 26th we have Jyesta Poornima / Vata Poornima. The 1 month period right up till Guru Poornima, July 25th ( Ved Vyasa Jayanti ….one who wrote Bhagwatam or “Jaya”(Mahabharat).
We need to just chant 108 times Hanuman Chalisa in a given Day’s time (Sunrise to next Sunrise) during this 1 month period (up to Guru Poornima).

This can be done in the entire 24 hours of the day and not required to do at a single stretch sitting. It can be done in any number of mantra sequence e.g. 9 times x 12 or 18 times x 6 or 27 times x 4, or can do in a random sequence of 30, 50, 27 sittings by taking couple of breaks during the entire Day.

P.P. Bapu has said that ……”This removes all the Bad & Negative effects of one’s person for an entire year”

He has also mentioned that……….”If we are not doing this Mantra Jap on Amavas Day (No Moon night), it is still better, as on this day it will be difficult to Concentrate properly and complete it 108 times for average human being, as the negative forces are at strength”

Therefore barring this day, choose any other day within this time frame to do it. To get Krupa on us………Great Saint TULSIDASJI had asked from Hanumanji this Boon for us. All the “ – Ve (Negative) vibrations” for the next entire year can be wiped away with.

This is the period, that is most beneficial for the Hanuman Chalisa, as Sant Tulsidasji asked it from Hanumanji.

* Enclosing the Story of Hanuman Chailsa and its significance w.r.t Saint Tulsidasji got from Hanuman as mentioned by P.P.Bapu in his pravachan and extracts provided in our magazine for reference.

—- Hari om

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