AADM’s Monsoon Project 2010.

AADM or Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management the leading non-government organization in Maharashtra for disaster management has announced the launch of Monsoon Project 2010.

Under this project the AADM is working in co-ordination with various government agencies like Brihan-Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Mumbai Police and Mumbai Fire Brigade in Mumbai and with the local administration and police authorities throughout Maharashtra and in some parts of India.

Under this project there are various teams that are formed to carry out various disaster and emergency tasks. Senior DMVs (Disaster Management Volunteers) at local level would handle control, communication and co-ordination for the project.

  • There would be Rescue Teams, which would primarily comprise of well trained gent DMVs. The primary responsibility of these Rescue Teams would be of rescue work in case of any emergencies like flood, water logging, landslides, mudslides, storms, etc.
  • AADM control rooms at various levels. A local Sub-Control Room has been setup in most of areas covered by AADM, which are connected to a larger, Main Control Room which in turn would be connected to AADM Head Quarters.

These Control Rooms along with AADM Head Quarters would be functional 24 x 7 throughout the 4 months of monsoon starting from June 2010 till end of September 2010.

During the same period AADM will also help the local administration and police authorities in conducting and managing the biggest religious festival of Maharashtra i.e. Ganpati Utsav lasting over almost a fortnight.

AADM Monsoon Project 2010 would give its 108% efforts for managing and surmounting difficulties posed by Monsoon 2010.

As mentioned earlier, AADM will be functional 24 x 7, to support and to assist the local authorities and public to take control various disaster and emergency situations so in case of any disaster / emergency situations citizens should feel free to contact –

AADM Head Quarters on (+91) 22 2430 24 24 / (+91) 22 2430 10 10.

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