Discourse about “Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav”

                Our beloved Sadguru,P.P. Shree Aniruddha Bapu declared in his 21st october 2010 discourse about “Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav”,which will be celebrated from 8th May 2011 to 17th May 2011.P.P.Bapu stressing on its importance said, “this Utsav would proceed in a very different way. Anybody who attends this Utsav would experience beautiful happenings in his life.
              P. P. Aniruddha Bapu has specifically said all the bhaktas to attend this Utsav and participate in it with maximum physical and mental, dedication and devotion .

                On 16 th December 2010 at Shree Hari Guru Gram, Param Poojya Aniruddha Bapu, Param Poojya Nandai and Param Poojya Suchitdada themselves, together would perform the pujan of Kantha kup Pashan (कंठकुप पाषाण).

               After this all shraddhavan bhakta can do pujan of this katha kup pashan(कंठकुप पाषाण) at their home till April 2011.Then all this Katha Kup pashan (Total 720) will be use in Mahasaraswati vapi (महासरस्वती वापी,(विहीर) during “Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav”.
                 So friends, please don’t miss this thursday and spread this message in your friend groups ,relatives and all other sharddhavan bhaktas.

  • P.P.Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu’s Discourse On Shree Varada chandika Prasannotsav in Marathi from Manasamarthya data site .

Source : Manasamarthyadata.com 
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