Shree Varada Chandika Prassanotsav

This Unique and Heavenly Utsav will mark starts from 7th of May . On the 7th of May our very own Param Poojya Bapu will himself initiate this Utsav for us. All Shraddhavans can attend the Events which will be taking place tomorrow at Shree HariGuruGram.

The following events will be performed by P.P. Bapu between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm on 7th May 2011.

1.     The first event to unfold that day will be the MANDAP POOJANAM [मंडपपूजनम], the entire area of Shree HariGuruGram will be cleansed and prepared for the advent of Mothi Aai.

2.  Bapu will also perform the first Rajopchar Poojan of this Utsav. The Rajopchar Poojan is a real spectacle, a Royal way of doing the poojan of our very own Aadimata Chandika.
3.  The same day Bapu will also perform the Abhishek on the Paduakas of Shree Narsimha Saraswati. These Padukas which are placed in Bapu’s House shall be brought to Shree HariGuruGram specifically for this purpose.
4.  The Sthapana of the three Grand Roopas of our Aadimata shall then occur on the Main stage. The Akhila Kameshwari Roopa of Aai Mahishasurmardini, shall be placed
 in the centre with the Kalniyantri Roopa of Maha-Kali on her left and the Aarogya Bhavani Roopa of MahaSaraswati on her right.
5.  Now that the sthapana of the Aadimata in done, the sthapana of her Beloved son the Paramatma in the form of the Devi-Simha shall be done right next to her.
6.  Bapu has promised us that the flow of the Ganga, in the form of Udi shall remain uninterrupted till eternity and the sthapana of this very Ganga Mata moorti shall 
occur following which the sthapana of the Janhavi Sthanam will take place.
7.  Following the sthapana of Ganga mata the sthapana of the Ganga Pataka shall occur.
8. The Sthapana of Maha-Kali Kunda wherein the Dahan [setting ablaze] of the
 11 powerful Asuras known to be the cause of all pain and suffering in our life, 
whilst existing within our own mind and body, shall also take place on the same day.
9.The Sthapana of the Maha-Saraswati Vapi, wherein all Shraddhavans shall offer the Mangalya Dravya [Kumkum, Haldi and Abir] to our Aadimata.
10.  The sthapana of the Maha-lakshmi Deep, where we will be able to offer the SurSnehan Dravya to our Aadimata shall take place.
11.The sthapana of the moorti of the Aadimata at the site of the Shree Durga Varada Homshall also be done by Bapu Himself.
12.At the same site we will be having 11 Kanthakoopa Pashan arranged in a 
specific manner around the water body [Jalashaya] created specifically for this Shree Durga Vrada Hom.
13.The sthapana of this Jalashaya shall also be done here.
14.The sthapana of the Katraaj Sthana shall take place, This is the place where all Shraddhavans performing the MahaPoojan and the Shatrughneshwari Poojan shall offer their poojan Dravya to the Aadimata.
15.Thereafter we will also witness the Sthapana of the Yagna-Kunda at the Shree Durga Varada Hom, wherein the Dhoopa Havan will take place, resonant with the recital of The MatruvatsalyaVindanam in the voice of our Dearest Sadguru Bapu.
16.On the main stage, besides the 3 Majestic Roopas of the Aadimata, we will also be having the sthapana of the Shree Avadhoota Kumbha
17.Finally the event which will be the culmination of the program meant for 7th of May shall be the Shree Pitambar Peeth Kshetra Poojan. 

This events will mark the Culmination, actually the Start of “SHREE VARADA CHANDIKA PRASSANOTSAV”

This Wonderful and unique “SHREE VARADA CHANDIKA PRASSANOTSAV” will start for all shraddhavan bhaktas from 8 th May to 17 th May 2011.

During this heavenly utsav all sharddhavans can take darshan of 6 roopas of aadimata darshan of are:

1) Akhila-Kameshwari Roopa [Mahishasurmardini AAI]

2) Kala-Niyantri Roopa [Maha-Kali AAI]

3) Arogya-Bhavani Roopa [Maha-Saraswati AAI]

4) Shatrughneshwari Roopa [Raktadantika AAI]

5) Ganga Mata


This Prassanotsav will be a once in a lifetime occasion .All sharddhavans will be able to take darshan of such 6 Majestic and truly pristine roopas of our beloved Mothi AAI at one single place and that too in the presence of our Sadguru Bapu.

  • In this Prasannotsav sharddhavans can take part in following events :

1) The Maha – Kali Kunda where the 11 asuras, Madhu Kaithaba, Mahishasur, 
Shumbha, Nishumbha, Raktabeeja, Dhoomralochana, Asiloma, Chand, Mund 
and Ravana [the asuras polluting our body and mind and our very existence]
 will be burnt in the fire where we will offer the Asura Dahan Dravya.

2) The Maha – Laxmi Deep where we will be able to offer the Sura Snehan
 Dravya [Oil]

3) The Maha-Saraswati Vapi where we will be able to offer the Mangalya Dravya
 to our Mothi Aai

4) The Sahastrachandi Yaag wherein more than 108 Purohits will do the Parayan [continuous reading] of the Sapta Shati grantha 1008 times in 10 days.

5) The Janhavi Sthanam where the Ganga Mata Poojan will be done to ensure that 
the Ganga in the form of the Udi will keep flowing in this world till eternity from our very Own Gurukshetram

6) The Rajopchari Poojan of the Akhila-Kameshwari Roopa, Kala-Niyantri Roopa, Arogyabhavani Roopa of the Mothi AAI done daily along with the Maha-Naivedya, Maha-Bhog and the Maha-aarti. 

7) The Shatrughneshewari Poojan, in which we will view the Roopa of our Mothi Aai which is ‘Heaven Bent’ on saving her sons and daughters from all evils. 

8) This Roopa appears very Aggressive but one must remember that she has taken this Roopa to finish off all evil which is troubling her Shraddhavan children. 

9) The Shree Durga Varada Hom with the Sanskrit recital of the Matruvatsalyavindanam in Bapu’s own voice.

And all of this while we will be listening to the continuous rendition of The Nitya Jap, of the 3 mantras by Bapu Himself.

Hari om 

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