Severe Penance by P.P.Bapu for shraddhavans

P.P.Bapu has announced in his discourse(08-09-2011) that He shall be engaged in Ghor Tapashcharya [Severe Penance] of His Beloved mother, the Adimata Chandika for a period starting from the Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, the first day of the Ashwin Navratra [Ashubha-Nashini Navratra] and shall end on Ram Navmi, the 9th day of the Chaitra Navatra [Shubhankara Navaratra] after which the normal proceedings shall begin as per the wishes of Bapu.
Generally, most of the Shraddhavans are not performing their upasanas in right earnest and hence, they fail to achieve the desired results of Gurukshetram Mantra. The basic reason is Shraddhavans, inspite of their best efforts, are unable to avoid  wrong doings, be they in deed (kaayik), speech (waachik), or thought (maanasik). 
Hence to ensure that our misdeeds do not get piled up on our soul and that we receive the full benefits of chanting the Shree Gurukshetram Mantra, Bapu has decided to take matters into his own hands and hence the Tapashcharya.
·         He will be doing the Tapashcharya of
1.  The BramhaTripuraSundari Roopa of the Adimata Chandika, which is her ShreeVidya Swaroop.
2.  Upasana of the Balaatibalaa Vidya which has been handed over to Bapu by his Nitya Guru.
3.  Also He shall do the Savitri Upasana, which has been mentioned in the Savitri Upanishad. This Upasana is of the 3 stages of Mata Gayatri, which are Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati.
During this period He shall be present here itself, amongst all of us but completely immersed in the Tapashcharya,  24 x 7.
The Tapascharya will conclude with the establishment of  Sarvaanga Brahmastra and Sarvaanga Karunashraya at Shree Gurukshetram.
·         He has asked us to chant the Shree Hanuman Chalisa in this six months  period at least once a day [chanting more frequently is advantageous] and offer the same for the Wellbeing of our World.
He considers all Shraddhavans his own family members and has stated that He shall definitely be biased towards ensuring their safety and Happiness.
During this six months period, Param Poojya Bapu may or may not come to Shree Harigurugraam on Thursdays. Even if he comes on Thursdays, he may or may not deliver the discourse. But he would be there in Gurukshetram atleast once in every day
He has said the He will also attend the functions like Shree Dhanalaxmi Shreeyantra PoojanAniruddha Pournima and the Adhiveshanthereafter, Atmabal Mahotsav etc. He will also be going on the tour of Jalgaon as also for His annual visit to Gangapur
P.P. Bapu has asked us to remain steadfast on the Bhakti marg and keep doing our Upasanas regularly in this period . 
During this period, the activities at Shree Harigurugraam will continue and there will be some other specific programs with the purpose of helping all the shraddhavans to become fearless and confident.
Finally  P.P.Bapu has asked us all to stay Fearless and Confident because we must be sure that MY Bapu will always be there for ME.

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