Ashubhanaashini Navratra Utsav

कुकर्म-कुसंग-कुबुद्धि-कुदृष्टिविनाशिनी |
चामुण्डे चण्डमुण्डमथने महिषासुरमर्दिनी नमोSस्तु ते ||
The Ashubhanaashini Navratra Utsav (ASHWIN NAVRATRA) celebrations will begin at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetran from Wednesday 28th September 2011 and continue till DASERA ( VIJAYAA DASHMI) i.e 6th of October. This year’s Navratra has a special significance as our P.P Bapu will begin HIS GHOR TAPASCHARYAA from this day. P.P Bapu will be performing a sacred HAVAN (Yadnya) everyday at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram.

This Yadnya will start from the first day of this Navratra i.e 28th September. The daily rituals at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram will continue as usual during the YADNYA period as well.

On the first day of the Navratra we all shraddhaavaans do the traditional welcoming of the “TOODAES” of our beloved MOTHIAAI. P.P Nadaai is always present for this Event. This event will start at 10am. These “TOODAES” were offered to MOTHIAAI during the STHAAPANAA utsav. These TOODAES are kept for Darshan during both the NAVRATRAS only.

1. Regular – Nitya Poojan  and Nitya CHANDIKAA  HAVAN in the morning.

2. Shree Rudra and Shree Dattamala Kaivalya Yaag will also be performed on Monday and Saturday as usual

3. Shree Trivikram SugandhiJalaabhishekh, Shree Mahavastram Seva, Shree Pushpa SEVA,Offering of Prasadam and CHADHAAVAA (चढावा) by the bhakats, offering of the MANIBHADRAKANGANs will be done as usual.

4. Offering of special NAIVEDYAM (नैवेद्य) twice a day to all the three Deities during the Morning Pooja and offering of MADHUPARKA (importance of MADHUPARKA explained by P.P Bapu in SHREE MATRUVATSALYAVINDANAM)  twice a day as well.)

5. Also during the Period of Navratra, Bhaktas may offer flowers to the DEITES. These flowers are available at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram in form of petals.

6. During this UTSAV an AUDIO CD of THE AADIMAATAA ASHUBHNASHINI STAVAN in the voice of our beloved P.P ANIRUDDHA BAPU will be played at regular intervals. This charges the whole atmosphere. All the Bhaktas present get the golden opportunity to sit in the ANIRUDDHA GURUKSHETRAM and chant this HOLY STAVAN along with the AUDIO CD.

Hari om .

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