AHSHUBHNAASHINI NAVRATRA Utsav i.e. ASHWIN NAVRATRA Begins at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram yesterday. As directed by our beloved BAPU , every year on the first day of the ASHUBHNAASHINI NAVRATRA three families replace previous year’s DHWAJ by  new DHWAJ.
These three families are 1) THE DABHOLKARS 2) THE CHAUBAL family (family of CHAUBAL AJOBAA – a great (SHRESHTHA) shraddhaavaan bhakt of P.P BAPU 3) THE MAHADHARMAVARMAN – Dr. Yogindrasinh and Dr. Vishakhaveera Joshi. These three DHWAJ were replaced at SUNRISE TODAY with the help of our GURUKSHETRAM Volunteers. This was done along with the chanting of “OM NAMASHCHANDIKAAYAY”. The earlier three dhwaj will then be put up in forthcoming “SHREE ANIRUDDHA DHAM.”
This event was followed by regular NITYA POOJAN and NITYA HAVAN. After these daily rituals was the ceremony of TRADITIONAL WELCOMING OF THE TODAES of our beloved MOTHI AAI.
There was procession of the nine pairs of TODAES of each of the  nine swaroopas of our beloved Mothi Aai.Our beloved P.P Nandaai, Poojya Samirdada, Swapnilsinh, Paurassinh, Pradyumnasinh were also rejoicing with all of us in welcoming the TODAES. The procession started with the traditional band followed by the Gurukshetram Volunteers carrying the the TODAES followed by all the bhaktas.
After the welcoming ceremony was over the TODAES were kept for DARSHAN for all the devotees and will be kept till DASERA.
Our beloved Nandaai participated in the procession.

P.P Bapu Acknowledging the Shraddhaavaans present on HIS way to office.

P.P Bapu performing the Yadnya

P.P.Bapu doing MantraPathan during Yadnya.
The Yadnya Mandap along with the Yadnya Samagri



The TRADITIONAL MUSICAL BAND of our shraddhaavaans in the welcoming procession.

P.P.Bapu,Nandaaai, and Suchitdada taking darshan.
Shraddhaavaans sited outside the Yadnya Mandap in Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram

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