P. P. Nandai

She is loving and caring. I saw her just
the way a mother would care for her child. She appeared demure but her glance
was soothing. One felt blessed when she looked at someone. Her smile made
everyone around her feel at peace and secure. 
Nandai manages her household,
  cooks at home, performs all her daily familial chores and yet does
many things that benefit various sections of society. One would never see
Nandai at the forefront of activities by ignoring her familial duties and
She is a mother to all. She is the epitome
of motherhood.
Here sharing  some activities that
have been carried out on a regular basis for years together with P. P. Nandai’s
divine intervention. She has been a solid guiding force behind all of these
  • Atmabal Vikas
Atmabal Vikas means improving one’s Self
Confidence and Strength. The program focuses on helping women get in touch with
their inner strength. 
It helps them get in touch with their core.
The program is aimed at helping women look beyond just their familial duties.
Nandai never recommends women to abandon her familial duties.
“Atmabal Vikas” is a program that
is conducted for a period of six months. 
This 6 month program molds the woman
from various perspectives so that she becomes and stays a positive personality,
carries herself with confidence at home and outside in the world, is
independent about her daily needs and most importantly “Be Happy.”

The program is aimed at helping women hone
skills such as relationship management within family, handling gadgets,
building awareness about cleanliness, giving quality time to members of the
family and not get totally wrapped in daily chores. 
Similarly, in today’s day and age,
communicating in English has almost become imperative. The program also aims at
helping women learn to converse in English. 
Women get to work on various projects, get
some tips on crafts, they are taught smarter ways of managing the financials of
a household. Essentially, the program helps women unleash their potential. It
makes them aware of their inner strength. Nandai’s active participation in this
program draws women towards this program in large numbers.
  •           Ahilya
    Sangh :

 In today’s society, in spite of higher
level of awareness, many a times women become the victim of circumstances and
receive unfair, unjust treatment from members of her immediate family.
This program is aimed at making women
emotionally and physically strong.

This is an era of equality and everybody must be treated
equal. No gender is inferior or superior to the other gender. The program
equips women to become stronger and not remain a mute sufferer in any given
circumstance. Women are taught martial arts for self-protection. 


A lot of abuse can take place as women step out of their
homes for work as well. However, one must remember that Ahilya Sangh is not a
Women’s liberation movement. It works on humanitarian ground and also observes
all the values of morality, truth and justice.
  • Dhangad Dhinga  

Childhood is probably the best time to
discover such qualities so that they can be nurtured over a period of time. “Dhangad
Dhinga” is a camp aimed at discovering and nurturing hidden talents in
Children. Nandai has been conducting this program for a period of almost 12
years now. The duration of the program is 15 days and is conducted during
Summer vacations.

The pedagogy
includes play way methods, spiritual awakening, mental exercises, sports
activities, etc. The program is also meant for children in the age group of 8
to 12 years. This camp draws many children. Every year in excess of 1000
applications are received. In order to give personalized attention, Nandai had
to curtail the intake to 150 children in recent times.
This program includes activities
such as indoor and outdoor activities, brainstorming sessions, audio-visual
games, and a day dedicated to nurturing hobbies. The spiritual part includes
daily chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and Ram Raksha. Nandai emphasizes on the
importance of nutrition and diet. Children are provided food that is nutritious
and healthy.
Special care and attention is
given to children with physical challenges. “Nandai’s sole purpose behind Dhangad Dhinga is to make every
child capable and a self- disciplined youngster.” These children who will
shape our nation in the years to come are our tomorrow.

Nandai has always articulated through her behavior her expectations from all of
us. Nandai conducts herself impeccably and she expects all of us to be that way
as well.

Minds of many devotees have opened up to newer thoughts since they
themselves have seen transformation taking place in the lives of women and
children who have had an opportunity to experience these programs.

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