Shree Datta Jayanti 2011

Shree Datta Jayanti will be celebrated today i.e. Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 


SHREE HARIGURUGRAM from 19:00 (7pm) hours onwards.
Our beloved Bapu will be present during this utsav !

** Pratyaksha .Annual Special Issue  :

                          As like every year Pratyaksha published its 6th anniversary Annual Special Issue  on the holy day of Shree Datta Jayanti i.e. 10th December 2011.

This year’s topic is ‘Jalsampatti‘ i.e. ‘Water a Resource’. .
In this ‘Special Anniversary Issue’  you can read study of ‘Water a Resource’ and it’s various geographic, commercial, strategic, scientific, cultural and environmental aspects . Whole edition is very interesting with lots of latest new information .So don’t miss it !!

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