‘Gurucharan Mas’ Shree Hanuman Chalisa Pathan

‘Gurucharan Mas’ Shree Hanuman Chalisa Pathan

           As like every year we are celebrating the period of one month from  Vat Pournima{ 4th June} to Ashad Pournima i.e. Guru Pournima {3rd July.}  as the chanting period of Shree Hanuman Challisa. 
          Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu named this particular period  as ‘Gurucharan Mas’ (during His 16th June 2011 discourse at Shree Harigurugram). During this period Bapu has asked all the Shraddhavans to recite Hanuman Challisa as much as possible throughout the day. 

This year Vatpournima is on Monday, 4th June and Guru Pournima is on Tuesday, 3rd July.
( However, please note that we will be celebrating Guru Pournima on Saturday, 7th July at Shri Hari Guru Gram ). 

  • We can select any one day starting from 4th June to 3rd July for recitation of Hanuman Chalisa for 108 times.
  • This can be done in the entire 24 hours of the day and not required to do at a single stretch sitting. 
  • It can be done in any number of mantra sequence e.g. 9 times x 12 or 18 times x 6 or 27 times x 4, or by taking couple of breaks during the entire Day. 
  • Avoid doing chanting on Amavas Day ( No Moon night ) i.e. on 19th June , as on this day it will be difficult to concentrate properly and complete it 108 times for average human being, as the negative forces are at its peak.

P.P. Bapu has said that ……”This removes all the Bad & Negative effects of one’s person for an entire year”

One will get the following benefits by chanting Shree Hanuman Challisa in this period :
1) You get protection against any evil from that day until the entire of the next year ; you are not affected in any way from the evil,
2) Your faith is transformed into steadfast faith and patience into confidence during these thirty days.

This is the period, that is most beneficial for the Hanuman Chalisa, as Sant Tulsidasji asked it from Hanumanji.
So please go ahead friends …. and enjoy the chanting ….
Hari Om.

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