The Vishnu Sahasranaam in English

                 ”  I
was always Aniruddha and Aniruddha I shall always be. I have said to you very
candidly that I do not need anybody.

book that I wrote on the third world war, is a result of My study. This book
does not foretell.
am one among you. I mean it. Do not place Me somewhere on a 
the year 2002, the first sentence uttered was, ‘Why am I standing here today?
So that the world does turn into the Kurukshetra.’ That is exactly My
sentiment. Even today I stand on the Kurukshetra but to avoid the war and to
minimize violence if at all it happens. That precisely is My aim.
I stand for the purushartha. And so even My Work bears the name, ‘The Shreemadpurushartha’.

land of India is special. That is why some people entered the country from the 
north and some
others took the southern path of the sea.
is a land of saints. 
The words of saints have resonated here. India has a great
spiritual tradition, which is why India can extend support to the entire world. ”    — P.P.Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu .

The Vishnu Sahasranaam in English 

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