Nag Panchami Upasana

                   This year ‘ Nag Panchami ‘ is on 23rd July 12 (Monday); the day on which ‘ BhagavanSheshanag ‘ i.e. ‘ Anant ‘ is worship. 

As per one of the earlier lectures of P.P. BAPU, there are two days in a year on which ‘ Bhagavan Sheshanag ‘ is worship; one is ‘ Nag Panchami ‘ and the other is ‘ Anant Chaturadashi ‘ i.e. 11th day of Ganapati festival. 

                  ‘ Bhagavan Shashanag ‘ is always with ‘ Bhagavan Vishnu ‘ in all HIS AVATARAs. With Shriram, ‘ Bhagavan Shesh ‘ was LAXMAN, with Srikrushna, HE was BALARAM, with Sai, HE was in the form of ‘ SATAKA ‘ and with BAPU, HE is SUCHITDADA.

               During Krushnavatar, REVATI was wife of BALARAM. When she left the world, she requested Shrikrushna that she should never be separated from BALALRAM. Shrikrushna promised her that she will be always with BALARAM in the form of HIS ENERGY i.e. ‘ UTSAHA ‘. 

         Therefore, if we want BALARAM along with REVATI to be active in our lives, we should worship them together on these 2 days and chant the following mantra 108 times :


Why 108 ? because there are 108 SHAKTI KENDRAS in our body and to activate each of this SHAKTI KENDRA, we have to chant this mantra for 108 times.

Hari Om

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