Impotrance Of Chaatur Maas ( चातुर्मास महत्व )

Param Pujya Shree Aniruddha Bapu

Hari Om,
            Param Pujya Shree Aniruddha Bapu started narrating the Pravachan by pointing to the upcoming Aashadhi Ekadashi day. Bapuraya said that the general concept of the people about Aashadhi
Ekadashi was that Gods go to sleep on that day onwards for a period of 4

 He also said that in India a lot of people knew about this day.
Some people as per Him worshipped Lord Ram, some worshipped Lord
Vishnu, some worshipped Lord Vitthal. On the Aashadhi Ekadashi day these
people go to the temples of their respective Deities.

Some people do fast on the Aashadhi Ekadashi day. Fast of some people
end on the same day evening-night, whereas some people ended their fast
on the next day that is preceding the Aashadhi Ekadashi day.

In this Aashadh month the fourth day after Aashadhi Ekadashi is the
Shri GuruPurnima. The GuruPurnima is also known as the Vyas Purnima and
it is the Purnima of the Gurutatva.The Aashadhi Ekadashi is also known
as Dev Shayani Ekadashi.

There are 33 Koti Dev Bapu explained here that the meaning of Koti 
means Class. Class here means Classification, e.g. High, Low.

33 types of Dev are :

– 12 Aditya

– 11 Rudra

– 8 Ashta Vasu

– Prajapati (1)

– Indra (1)

These are the 33 Daivi Shakti / 33 Dev Gan. These Daivi Shakti are present in each one of us as well as in the nature too.

Bapu also informed us that these Daivi Shakti are born from the Womb
of Aditimati. They are the Children of Kashyap Rishi and Aditimati
(about whom we see in Matruvatsalyavindanam).

This day onwards all these 33 Daivi Shakti (that are present in all
the Jeev on this Vasundhara-This Earth)  enter a State-Avastha known as
the Shayan Avastha from Aashadhi Ekadashi, where it is like a State of
Rest or where Bare Minimum Movement happens. Here Bapu explained with a
example. When we are in a standing pose, the muscles in our body work in
the anti-gravity way. Whereas when we are sleeping-taking rest such a
thing would not happen. When we are sleeping the Indriya in our body get
refreshed -freshened up.

So from the Aashadhi Ekadashi day these 33 Daivi Shakti enter the
Shayan Avastha state for a period of Four Months ( also known as Chaatur
Maas) – which is from Aashadhi Ekadashi to Kartik Ekadashi. Also these
33 Daivi Shakti reside – stay in our Mann – Mind (Manomay Deh). So
during these Four Months these 33 Daivi Shakti in us enter into such a
State where it is a State of Rest. They also do their work – tasks along
with being in a state of rest too. 

It so happens that the Efforts that
are put in by-spent by us of these 33 Daivi Shakti, during these Four
Months (these Efforts can be Physical Efforts – Sharirik Shram, Mental
Efforts – Mansik Shram), AGAIN REPLACED in us AUTOMATICALLY. Whereas
such a thing would not happen during the remaining Eight months of the
year. Such good thing happening during these Four Months is due to HIS
AKARAN KARUNYA. Such is the high importance of this period of Four
Important months. 

Also this is for the Good Person -Punyavan as well as
for the Bad Person – Paapi too present on this Vasundhara-This Earth.

These Four Months are the Ideal Time period for doing all the good
things possible – Bhakti (Naamsmaran, writing Ramnaam Book, doing
Upasanas – ones which we have to do and even some special ones assigned
to us by Parampujya Dada), Seva, Physical Exercise (to keep our body in
good shape and healthy), Students to start making good efforts in their
studies in this Ideal Period of these important Four Months so as not to
leave anything for the last eight months – or just before exams.

These Four Months thus are great for our progress as God keeps our Daivi Shakti fresh in this period for us.

The major festivals come during these period of Four Months (Chaatur
Maas) – such as Gurupurnima, Shravan Maas, Ganesh Chaturthi,
Janmashtami, Ashubnashini Navratra, Dassera and Diwali. These Four
Months (Chaatur Maas) is considered very important period all over
India. This Aashadhi Ekadashi is also known as Mahattam Ekadashi and
this is also the best among all the Ekadashi.

If you believe that all the good important work that you want to do,
but somehow you are not able to do then start performing those
activities during this Chaatur Maas starting from the Aashadhi Ekadashi
day itself and then see and observe the difference for yourself. Those
who have stopped writing Ram Naam Book a long time back can remove the
incomplete book and make an attempt to start writing the book in this
Four Month period. People should also make the attempt to do their
Upasanas regularly during this period. This includes the Upasana that we
do regularly or even the Upasanas assigned to us by Parampujya Dada
that we might have stopped doing or not done for some reason or the
other. But we should immediately start doing these Upasanas during the
period of this special period of Four Months.

For students also these Four Month period is ideal to make better
efforts in their studies. Those people who have worked upto 58 years and
have retired, for them too these Four Months can be utilised to
increase their bhakti. Working class ladies who hold themselves guilty
of not been able to spend quality time with their children, too can
utilise this golden period of Four Months to spend real quality time
with their children in such a way that they are able to guide and help
their children to mould their lives for their betterment to make them
into better human beings. This is the Responsibility -Kartavya of the

Bapu also said that we might face difficulties – even God Almighty
Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Sainath too had to face difficulties. We
should increase our bhakti in these Four Months for our better future as
during this Chaatur Maas the 33 Daivi Shakti are planning to give a
better future i.e. next 8 months.

This gift of Chatur Maas for us is the krupa of Lord Parshuram:

Lord Parshuram asked His Mother – Renuka Mata after fixing back Her
Head to give a Blessing – Vardaan for the human beings that shall be
helpful for them for their future as human beings are unable to do their
own progress. Renuka Mata gives the Aashirwad – Blessing on the
Aashadhi Ekadashi day that starting this day for the period of Four
Months the 33 Daivi Shakti will be refreshingly active for the
betterment of the human beings.

Bapu also says that we should do Smaran of Renuka Mata and also Lord
Parshuram who is Lord Ram and Lord Krishna Himself and also that He is
Chiranjeev -Very much alive and present in this Vasundhara.

Bapuraya ends the Pravachan by stating that RENUKA MATA is MAA
SHIVGANGAGOURI Herself and Her Blessing – Vardaan NEVER EVER GOES

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