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Journey towards RamRajya starts from Gramin Vikas …(Part-1)

The journey towards Ramrajya begins from the station of the Graam rajya and the Graam rajya is Graam vikas…
P.P.Bapu and P.P.Nandai

                  Last year during the special discourse on “Ram Rajya” Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu explained the concept of establishment of Ram Rajya in the year 2025 . The Ramrajya just cannot happen unless and until rural life progresses and prospers. For this purpose P.P.Bapu launched the Aniruddha’s Institute of Grameen Vikas (AIGV). 
                    Recently the first batch of trained volunteers passed out from this Institute which was conducted by Respected Shri.Swapnilsinh, under the divine guidance of P.P. Aniruddha Bapu.
                Aniruddha’s Institute of Grameen Vikas (AIGV) whole team now starts it’s work in full-fledged. P.P.Bapu visited recently AIGV at Kothibe (Karjat) to see all this work.During this visit he gave many important guidelines for all AIGV volunteers. 
             Here I am starting today a special series on Aniruddha’s Institute of Grameen Vikas Project to know more the details about AIGV,it’s different sections and how it will work.In first part of this series i am sharing here some Pictures and videos from P. P. bapu’s recent visit to AIGV at kothimbe.

The most LOVING and CARING ….Mother and Father of all of us!!! 


  •  Swapnilsinh explaning about sowing stage of various crops to Aai and Bapu..
  •  Bapu giving lessons of how to improve the quality of soil…

  • Bapu explaning about nutrients present in soil …
    • Swapnilsinh explaning the Vermiculture process…
    •   Bapu inspecting a goat. She is pregnant. Bapu told that she have twins and He explained how to identify twins and how to take care for the same .


    • Bapu giving information about Bater-Quail to the entire team of Gram Vikas.
        • Bapu giving guidance about Paras Bagh ..He explained how to plant vegetables and  how we can take more vegetables in small place.
        •  P.P Bapu explaining different aspects of coconut tree…
        • Shortage of water is a biggest problems in villages,dams are very helpful to solve  this problem.Swapnilsinh explaning here about vanarai bandhara ..
          • Swapnilsinh explaning about Shet tale..
          • After inspecting every section of AIGV, Bapu took meeting and gave valuable information and guidelines for the further progress of Aniruddha’s Institute Of Gram Vikas (AIGV).
                         These pictures giving us an idea about hard work on gramin vikas projects by whole AIGV team and deep study on all major problems from rural areas .In next part of this series will see how AIGV team start their work ,their concepts and future plans.Till that enjoy and share these pictures… Hari om .